Nobody The Failed Artist


All you do is talk, you never act

Hypocrite, and that’s a fact

Positive scene is a must

Without friendship, there is no trust

Visions of unity seem so nice

But when I see a fight I think twice

When I go to the shows and see stupidity

All I can say is “Where’s the unity?”

Alcohol separates us

Use your head, keep in touch

Positive scene in our land

Lending you brother that helping hand

Visions of unity seem so nice

But when I see a fight I think twice

When I go to shows and see the stupidity.


The Locust | The Locust EP

  1. Halfway to a Worthless Ideal Arrangement (An Interlude to a Discontinued Sarcastic Harmony… Yea Whatever)
  2. Prepare to Qualify
  3. Kill Roger Hedgecock
  4. Pain Reliever
  5. Off by a Long Shot
  6. Cattle Mutilation
  7. #99
  8. Head Hits Concrete
  9. Hairspray Suppository
  10. Ass Gravity
  11. Keep Off the Tracks
Bitch ass furby smoking filters

Bitch ass furby smoking filters

I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook - Untitled 12
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hold me to your chest because I need your heartbeat
since I can’t look in your eyes
I don’t deserve to anyway



Man Is The Bastard | Sum Of The Men “The Brutality Continues….” LP

  1. Freak Machine 
  2. Prune Belly 
  3. Skull Crusher 
  4. Starvation Cage 
  5. Death’s Dirge 
  6. Tank Killer 
  7. Thug 
  8. Bloated Subhumans






Spazz - Let's Fucking Go!!!!
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Let’s Fucking Go!!!! / Spazz

fun first date ideas: overthrow ur government w/ the bae
Orchid - ...And The Cat Turned To Smoke
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We smiled and said
"I’ll see you this summer."

But we know that it was over.
That’s just what you say to someone
Who’s dying.
That’s just what you say.
This is to us.
Our hands fit, at least for a while.
I miss the face, I miss the taste
I’m sorry about it all…

how do i stop growing up this isn’t fun anymore


Full Of Hell- Music From The Dial (Toxicbreed’s Funhouse Sessions) (2013)

1. Intro / Vessel Deserted
2. Coven Of The Larynx
3. Return To The Mines
4. Fox Womb